The Broken One

Although at the start
your presence was nothing but another space to fill
Day by day it appeared more clearly
a void that cried out for consumption

And you did, consume,
but yet your heart was carved out and only emptiness remained
And my voice was but a distant echo
never fully reaching your ears

Still I, now having fallen into the depths of a soul anguished within
cried out with a voice nearly breaking
Still, never delivering the sanction of hope
for you were gone, and the void deepened

The light of the stars grew dim
and the waves of change came crashing all around
And so I retreated to a place
where no thought can pierce, save my own relentlessly

And now, though visible, you remain out of reach
and my grasp begins to weaken
There is a horizon of colors
so why does the sun reflect only grey and black?

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