The Broken Question

What did I ever do?
My confidence has disappeared.
My voice is quiet, my eyes are teared.

"Nothing," you said.

Because it's nothing to you.
My personality has faded.
My beauty has been shaded.
You don't understand,
How my heart has shattered,
How my love for you was all that mattered.
To you I was just another crush.
You thought I didn't have feelings,
That I would be fine after your flirting rush.
I'm living in depression.
All because of you.
My trust has been stolen.
My heart has been broken.
Because of you it is a question:
Will I ever love again?
Will my heart be mended?
Will my misery ever be ended?
But I only have one thing to ask,
A question from me to you:
What did I ever do?

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