The Bronx Life

For these difficult debacles we all struggle here,
but no one cares.
We suffer but who cares?
So much diversity, but too many stereotypes.
No chances, just plain hate.
No money, we are all in poverty.
What to do.? Nothing because we can only afford to live here.
Broken dreams, can't do anything because it's too much money.
No order, balance, or natural equilibrium here.
Missing people, fights, shoot-outs, abuse, and death.
The worst schools are here.
Not many of us make it to college.
Many don't even finish high school.
Bullying is all around, can't cry,
Don't tell your mom or anyone because you'll look weak.
What can we do or say when we will be deceived?
Who will help us.? Nobody.
We just learn to survive and be grateful for the little bit we'll always have.
One of the best things to do is to pretend it's okay.
It's the hard knock life for the Bronx but who cares anyway?

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