The Brotherhood of Man

Black, brown, yellow, red, white, or tan
We are the brotherhood of man
Our thoughts in who and what we will believe
Variations of tribal identities
Bringing us together, or keeping us apart
Despite our many differences
We all had the same start
Someone had love in their heart
Countries, islands, or United States
Customs from foreign lands with common faiths
Traditions with inhibitions surviving to this very day
Some just let things fall and let it stay where it lays
Some look up to the stars in the nighttime sky
Wondering where they will go to in the sweet by-and-by
Some will gain little in this life
Some will gain a lot
Gotta play the hand you're dealt
Do the best you can with what you got!
What more is there to say
About matters already at hand?
Despite what anyone really thinks
We are the brotherhood of man.

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