The Bug

A gun brought from the ocean
i whisper to a black star
What do i do?
And hes says your mind isnt far.
From this riddle i couldnt solve
I felt scared and dumb
but a bug came to me
but from where did he come?
The Bug had eyes of gold.
And teeth that were sharp
and told me a nice gesture
"you're an angel without a harp".
I smiled a bit and thought "surreal".
So i laughed at the bug and fluck it away.
But little did i know
he thought truth in his say.
The bug stayed on my mind
with his gesture and face
but than my mind begain to twist
i fell in love at a very quick pace.
I met the bug again the next day
from my heart speaking i said
"You are perfect in every single way."
with a small reaction in my eyes.
The bug giggled and blushed
and told me to kiss him
i greatfully did but when i looked at eyes
my mind began to skim.
I felt happy inside with a hope
That never will i be without this bug
He looked at me and smiled
and i gave him a little hug.
4 years later i awoke
to knockings on my door
and there lied a handsome man
and my knees hit the floor.
"What do you want?" i plead
shaking and trembling in fear
"I wanted to see my love", he replies.
"thats the reason why im here."
I look up with a pinch of doubt
and looked into his eye
and than i realized who it was
and slowly i let out a sigh.
He looks at me and grins
and easily takes my hand
pulls me with him
so there our journey began.
The little bug i fell in love with
is now an amazing man
one who i cant live without
though falling in love wasnt my first plan.
This gift was worth the wait
and i look to the black star
grabbing pen and paper
and than a riff to my guitar.

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