The Builders of a Successful House

A triad builds a successful house
They are not such an ordinary constructor
To be celebrated in their lifetime only
But even in absence of their soul
Their works stayed firm

Concrete gathered together
By assiduous, painstaking duo or one
In order to erect strong foundation
After much labour, their eyes were set in anticipation
Of the house beauty

Sweat oozes profusely by the second
During his share in building a successful house
Foundation has come to being
But the house is the one wanted to be seen
The first helps in building it
Education builds the strong house
That will never be obliterated
If it is well wielded

Third brings wax and ceramic
And he nails the house
To prevent it from the rain
Of the forthcoming rainy season
In cooperation of the latter he works

All sneezes and sweats
Build a successful house

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This Poems Story

The poem is all about the success and happiness gained by a person whose parents lay his foundation strongly by giving him/her adequate education. The second stanza is telling us about the tiresome work done by mother or father or even both of them at times. The third stanza is all about teacher that teaches the child to know how to read and write. " during his share in building successful house " he "oozes sweat profusely". Teacher teaches with sincerity and devotion to builds student's future a bright one. The fourth stanza is telling us about the contributions of child to his success in life by himself, " he nails the house" to " prevent it from the rain/Of the forthcoming rainy season ". He will do a great work in order for his dream to be fulfilled in life.