The Burdened

I hearken unto perpetual cries,
Even when their tears are wiped off, dry sobs I hear!
Undue pressures from oppressors torment the souls of the land.
I open my eyes, but even in my sleep I see these unending turmoil!
Until the world citizens could adhere to the rules,
And by all odds nature, the deciding agent,
Always has a transparent conviction against wrong doers!
Until then, these pains will surely cease.

Carry, hold, and endure it without grumbling.
Resent not being brought into servitude.
You shall eventually reap the fruits of your hard labor.
This is what it should be, life like a wheel has brought you down!
Call it reality if you want, and not your expectation.
Superiority suits anyone in real life.
Create a room for sacrifices, you shall need them for your well-being.
Power’s effect isn’t only leadership, but also mayhem,
But don’t bend down or allow yourself to rust.
You still have a long way laid ahead towards your destiny!
Appraise your life above great powers and riches,
And you shall see the resplendence of the sunrise!

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This Poems Story

The burdened are those who encounter many obstacles in life. These convulsions may be caused by their family members or leaders, even their community. This poem seeks to address this issue that pains my heart when I see helpless souls who have no voice to cry out loud. It seeks peace for the poor!