The Burning

The Burning
I Watch them burn and wonder,

What’s happening to me?

Fire in blue veins, burning my skin, irises bloom with fury,
These are my good friends,

Burning and bleeding and ravaging,
Suffocating the rosy cheeked cherubs,

They don’t exist anyways, we’re all vile, all vile creatures

We are all primeval creations in the eyes of a puppet master, who we like to call God,
But the only real master is the one in our rib cages,
Is that why you use your voice in a grating and abrasive fashion, acid

and you don’t even know it, because all our lives we speak to each other and listen to other people speak to each other
and get spoken to in this destructive fashion,
I don’t want to fight, to your surprise,
But you insist,
I’m sorry for being this way, sorry for feeling so sacrificial, my apologies always sound so insincere but I mean them, I do
I’ve just never been good with spilling my feelings without hands constricting my vocal notes,
Something is wrong with me,
Something haywire, I’m the truth I never wanted to know

The truth in the questions of, do I hate you or do I hate
Do I cry for you or for me?
Or for no one? The world?
I wish we could go back

To the children and love and forgivable sins
Of petty theft and sunshine screams, not the gritty rasp of darkness
And half hearted attempts to make amends,
Make me erase myself for the likeness of you, I want to feel your bones snap,
But I don’t, I want you to be free, like the iron cardinals,

But I can’t free myself, I can’t stop myself from
crumbling, the post apocalyptic city is a part of my innate design,
you’re crumbling too,
It rubs off on me you know, your rage, your suffering and gloom,
And I hate you for it, we’re both unhealthy, all of us in this tied up mess of a family,
Did you know that the lonelier you are,

The more showers you take, the hotter the water, the longer the clock ticks,
Because while it isn’t a sentient creature, at least the water tricks your

Isolated skin into thinking it’s an embrace,
I see your loneliness, your brokenness too, but I was never gifted with the talent,
To heal.

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