The burning chapters

At the beginning everything was cold
Frigid and refreshing
All was new and possibilities grew on trees
We read for pleasure without knowing it would end us
Slowly we started drifting in the wrong direction
Towards the fire
And we were afraid but incapable of telling each other
Taboo to all our thoughts
Taboo to getting of the ride in time
Everyone needs to get through those chapters
The burning chapters
Because our only goal is to see what happens in the end
The temptation is too strong to resist
At least for someone of humankind
We're surrounded by endless gallons of water
But it seems we can't use it to put out the fire
Too scared to even try
Too scared to break the rules of the book
The book which never appears to stop burning
It's called the book of life
Yet what is life if it's all about suffering in secrecy?
There was never a “we”
There was only a pathetic I who liked pretending
Pretending that everything was cold, frigid, refreshing

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