The Burning Storm

She sat down in the silence   just staring at her phone
Hoping to see a message, to hear that ringtone
She’s hoped to see that one name just pop up on her phone 
To remind her she is lovely and she is the greatest of them all,
To show her that she’s worthy and she deserves the world 
To tell her how he loves her, to stop that burning storm

She’s sat down in the silence just looking at the screen
She knew he wouldn’t come back, she knew he had to leave
The promise he has given has now been taken back,
He left her in the darkness, with no way coming back 
She knew her heart was shattered, a painful mark was left,
All of the hopes and dreams she had, have made her feel bereft.

Who knew that love was fragile, would fall apart so quick? 
After the empire, and family they’d built.
He left without a warning, he said that she’s too much,
That she was hard to handle and wasn’t good enough.
Deep down she had that flickering, a tiny bit of hope.
That he still loves her, wants her, to be his other half. 
That has been melting quickly, since many months have passed.

She knew she had to let go, the memories of past, the promises,
The future that has now been turned to dust.
She hoped that he would come back, if not come then a call.
A text message, a simply text would make her smile more. 
Would make her tears stop, from running down her face.
Would make the pain all worth it, would fix all the mistakes.

But the past is in the past, it’s time so say goodbye.
To all the dreams, to all the faith....his shadow passing by. 
She knew she had to let go and move on from the past.
So she said goodbye, erased his name and walked away so fast.
She hasn’t turned around, no doubt has crossed her head. 
The burning storm within her, turned into peace instead.

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