The Burqa

Coerced to comply.
Threatened with beatings, sexual and physical.
Honor killings for disobedience.
Demeaned, misunderstood, captives.

Misjudged for our attire;
Misinterpreted for something we are not.
Outsiders, longing for something, something more.

Rebellion is out of the equation.

Seen as a sexual object.
The men fear sin looking upon us,
Power happy males,
suppress us with laws we go
"Under the Veil."
The Koran seeks modesty, men have all control.

Under our shade, we must remain
Musty and claustrophobic, restricting our vision,
Other nations ban this garment
Seeing the importance of women's freedom.

Our cries for help come and go, unheard.
Invisible in our society, but not to the outside world.
An act of intolerance, we plead for help.

We long for a free world,
where women are treated equally.
Free from judgment,
free from the Burqa.

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