The Butterfly Dance

I looked at his hand as he asked me to dance.
For hours I'd longed and now was my chance.

I shook my head shyly and said, "No, I can't."
He shook his head wryly and said, "Yes, you can.

"Just follow the butterflies up in the trees
They don't tap or sway, but fly with the breeze."

My gaze shifted upwards then became entranced,
How simple, yet thrilling, a butterfly's dance.

The delicacy yet purpose, each flutter of wing
The childlike majesty left me gasping.

"How do you dance like the butterflies do?"
"First you circle me then I'll circle you."

I glanced back up at the yellow romantics,
A hard act to follow if you add the antics.

Never once did we touch, 'twas a butterfly dance.
Yet it did feel as such, 'twas a butterfly's romance.

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