The Caged Bird

It was a rosy dusk and the clouds were still
When I heard a melody, sweet yet shrill,
My gaze landed upon a caged bird,
Singing of his heart with all his will.

With his lovely notes the sky was swept,
The breeze was still and the flowers wept,
I closed my eyes and bathed in the song,
And wondered of the grief it left.

But what could possibly make him sing
With such ardour, my ears still ring,
But then I spot the flock in the sky,
And realise
The caged birds yearns to spread his wing.

And now I know, I know why
Why he sings till his tears are dry
The caged bird weeps for his lost glee
And his soul misses the feel of sky.

And suddenly, it's too much, I must get away
From this heartbreaking song at the end of the day
But even as walk away stifling a sob
The song of the caged bird does not stop.

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