The Call

My soul flickers,
It dreams of an endless canvas of sky.
The bluebird across the pond
Sings to me, stories of far places in the north.
The dawn and dusk set and rise
As one in the mountain's line.

What could this tightness in my throat
And dancing wings in my chest
Be whispering to me in the twilight?

"Adventure" my heart confesses
And the tides of darkness
Try to swallow me whole.
They tempt me with the comfort of ignorance
And suede me into keeping guard
Over my soul's prison.

I yell and scream from the rooftops
What my heart throbs to proclaim.
I leap from its edge and finally,
Oh finally triumph over fear
And into the courageous beyond.
The wind tears through my being,
My spirit adores its gale
And I take flight like the bluebird
And never look back.
As I pass from one world to another.

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