The Call of the Hungry Crow(beg)

A rainy day spoke 1,000 words on a cool

summer evening in a poverty stricken New Jersey. A couple sit together on an old porch swing looking over a few acres of open field. "We have so much to be thankful for" he utters softly into her ear. He reaches for her hand and captures her eyes with a hypnotizing stare. Your touch is as exhilerating as your love is humbling he says as she slips into a state of pure nirvana.

She had never been loved like this before. She could feel his affection - waves of energy flowing through her body from head to toe. Droplets from the pounding rains are an enchanting natural heroine - For the first time of a young woman's life she knows what it means to be in love.

For a split second the night turns back to day as a massive bolt of lightining peirces across the horizon. A rolling thunder barrels through the storm as he draws on a phenominal irony:

Our presence here is the strike of lightining. Incredibly powerful but far too brief to have a lasting influence.

There are not a lot of people like us anymore he stated with a deep feeling of conviction. With only our nature to blame. A sense of frustration came over him as he reflected on the countless hours he spent slaving over a more lucid American dream.

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