The call of the void

I feel you seeping in me,
Like a twin flame living in parallel.
Side by side with occasional finger graze.
Dark flame of deep circles swirling high
Calls me occasionally to unify
Which has always been present from its genesis
Separated with rationality and will.
Magnetic pull of emptiness to embrace
The sweet fall of nothingness.
Wonder how will it feel if I embrace you
Will it be sweet or painful
Cause I'm exhausted either way to hold my ground
And the pull seems to be more intriguing with passing continuances.

Conscious efforts and the bliss of zoning out into the other world.
Like the dance of fire ablaze into the water ripples.
Like one step into reality & other into illusions.
A battle of continued processes trying to find another edge over the infinite tug of war.
Wish I can pull you out of me to revive
Of the demons that love infinite darkness.
The darkness seem more intriguing with days.
Seeping more and more in my soul,
Hesitant to confront but walking side by side.
Laying a soothing hand and brushing my weary eyes
Calling me to quit combating eventuality.
Calling me from the void.

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