The Call

A mighty dread had come during the night,
People cowered till the break of daylight.
Then a man woke up, knew he must harken,
To the call which has made the land darken.
This dread, which was spreading fear across the land,
Is of an impending battle, not fought in mortal hands.
It is a battle between gods, to see who is fit,
To control the people, and the land on which we sit.
So when the man heard the gods would battle,
Just to see who would be shepherd, to us cattle.
He knew he must stop this any way he could,
Even if he had to shout at the gods, as he should.
Traveling over the horizon he saw the gods,
Gathered in a circle, holding golden staffed rods.
He walked in between the gods, and shouted his words,
Telling them to be silent, so he could be heard.
The gods looked down upon this man, saw fear and love,
Love for the earth, under Heaven, in him was above.
Hearing his pleas of no battle, the gods let him speak,
Seeing in him he was strong and not weak.
Finishing and standing tall, the gods felt his mirth,
And in the next, the gods vanished from the earth.
The man looked around feeling a little lost,
Wondering why he had risked his life, a precious cost.
But then in his heart he knew,
The earth had been saved 'cause he had spoken true.

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