The Calling

I paced the floor that winter's night
The same that the year before
Had taken my greatest treasure and pride
On the banks of a distant shore

Though I had pled, when he bid me farewell-
It was not of his concern;
To risk his life on foreign soil
That the light of freedom would burn

My folly was great and although I had wished
He remain at home with me,
I know now the calling that drew him near
To the ends of the earth and sea

Though in the country he fought to free
I knew he would ne'er again live
The only regret that he had, was that
He had only one life to give

He felt God's will to hold and keep
What for men had been wounded, and died
That the Nation Of Truth might safely sleep
Where it otherwise was denied

The men that had given their all to fight
In a far-off distant land,
Through the times when all was surely lost
They must have felt God's hand

They gave their lives of their own accord
There was no forced sacrifice;
But they marched on forward to show the world
That freedom has a price.

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