The Candlelight

Darkness is overshadowing now that the wick is virtually gone
As this once vibrant rainbow of wax filled this almost empty jar
A darkened rim about the jar now remains to display
The once warm feeling of light in my life that's now being taken away

I'll always commemorate and treasure the glow
That completed my days and nights in a whole
Whether sitting beside you enticed by your heat
Or dancing to the flicker of your reflective beat

I reminisce of the day, I walked through that door
Of that conservative, little corner candle store
It was the brightest light I ever did see
When you turned around and smiled at me

For you my love, brought light into my life
I will forever relish the day I took you as my wife
And although you may no longer remember my name
My love for you is strong and will forever remain

I only wish I could brighten your world, just as you have mine
And relive my life with you for a second time
It breaks my heart to think you may never again speak my name
But the darkness that is surrounding you now is my greatest pain

Helplessly I sit and hold your hand
Until one day we reunite in the Forever Land
For now I will watch in sadness as the darkness quickly extends
Throughout this jar of which, was once my lover, my fiend

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