The Canyon Part Two

The wind stirs the dust and blows the jagged pebbles from the darken corners of this canyon. With no point of directions, my skin is torn into ragged strips of flesh, leaving my soul exposed and bitter. An outcast, a sideshow freak, for a quarter you can flash a light into the canyon and have yourself a peek. Call your buddies, co-workers, carpool with the Griswalds, the circus has come to town with an attraction, not for the meek.

Sheltered under the cold blanket of darkness, I am left alone with no memories of home. If ever there was such a place, or a time such a silly notion was supposed to exist. A made up fantasy based on other’s people’s dreams and unfulfilled wishes. Desires un-reached and goals lost to daunting valleys and peaks. Challenges not met and hope vanquished by despair’s primal screams. As if yesterday, I dared to throw wishes to stars, praying for a life full of stardust and freedom I only found in dreams.

Now my only companion’s golden shine has faded gray. The audience that peered my way, cheered, laughed and loved the performance of nature’s freak, I beg them all more each day to do the same. Please leave me empty as I am left when not on stage, or offering my indentured allegiance to brighten other’s gloomy days. Stop haunting me, stop talking, and stop with the spit and rocks. The loving voices that skipped off tongues of the shallow hearted, make them go away! Stop teasing me with promises of light, just to watch me struggle and crawl half way up the canyon walls. Then kill me with laughter as the world throws blackness over me once more. Robbing me of the light to guide my way, your giggles fall with me as you turn away.

On broken knees and bloody hands, I cry for silence to befall this canyon, may the ghost of the living calmly walk away into the charcoal night. May the increasing numbers of time finally fill in this six foot deep canyon so that I may have peaceful rest? Leave me abandon so my soul you may reap with evil delight and joy. As my voiceless cries, falters in the depth of night.

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