The Canyon

Upward, like a tiny speck of dust, the sun is telling me summer’s warmth has come. In a glorious golden downpours of heat, we strip away our shelters to bath naked as new born babes. So why am I so freezing cold? How is it, the sun seems to be a mere speck in the vast blackness above? In my complete darkness, I can sense canyon walls? I feel them towering mighty and grand. Each day, mocking me from morning into the late evening hours. Worthless and disregarded like roadside trash I have been tossed and abandoned. Left to rot and decay as time and taunts shall soon devour.

Where are they damn it!? The children playing children, the people, the world sounds a million miles from where I lay isolated and bare. The disarray of their life raining down in torturous chatter. Bouncing off hidden rocks and boulders, finally shattering into shards of splintered glass upon the canyon floor. Leaving echoes to twist and tangle with my tormented thoughts already mired in confused chaos. In this abyss, I crouch lower with the trembles of fear and cold, not sure of where to lay or rest. Humming familiar top forty tunes, desperately trying to remember life’s song. Tearfully hoping for anyone to return a comforting song, to echo deep down inside this hollowness, too shatter this fear.

Alone I know all too well, but where do these forces and blows come from that bruises my body and constricts my heart? In the pitch of dark, I gasp for air, trying not to fracture, clinging frantically at pieces that fall away. The weight of the canyon’s darkness is crushing me. I try to sing louder with hardly any air, as I sink lower into the abyss of silence and darkness.

Surrounded by a million voices from nameless faces who never sang or dared to reach into the tarry blackness of this ragged canyon, mighty and deep. At their feet, lays a void so grand, everyone must stand and kick in a few pebbles and sand to hear how far down anything must drop, even a rock. Never caring if they hear cries of the softest of whimpers or the wailing of anguished weeping.

I'm so cold....

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