The Care and Feeding of Piranha

Spawned in murky unconditioned water,
born of unconscious prolific mothers
and dangerous or absent fathers
Scarcely room and provisions for all the hungry mouths
Narrowly escaping cannibalization by their own frenzied kin
Schooled for protection from the outside,
unintentionally nipped and lost in the internal fray

Bewildered they stumble in the dark
Yellow-bellied, battered, bitten and bruised,
the weak are eaten
Speedy regeneration required,
only to be bitten again and again
The cycle continues

Netted by good-intentioned fisherman,
who sacrifice digits to provide the comfort of a cave
Insatiable bellies roar, drop the food and run
Waste heaps explode, filtration overdrive
Mania abounds,
nothing personal,
survival is the name of the game

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