The Caregiver

Time is precious,
Or so we are told,
And most folks would
Not be so bold
As to give it away freely.

This is due to the fact
That time cannot be bought back.
It is not able to be lent,
For once it is spent,
There is no returning of it.

So it is selfless, you see,
To give away your time for free,
Or to devote every second,
Of every hour,
Of every day,
Of every year,
To the care of those you love
And their welfare.

Such dedication is to be admired,
To be thanked,
For you see,
It shows the deepest love one has
For their family.

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This Poems Story

My grandparents were the inspiration for my poem. On the one hand, my grandmother is in great health, but on the other hand, my grandfather has dementia. My grandmother is his caregiver and devotes all of her time to taking care of him. She, however, sacrifices the many things she enjoys to do so. Therefore, I wrote this poem to honor her and the unselfish love she has for my grandfather.