The Cause of Self-Hatred

He was the color of bitter chocolate
The center of all jokes
Rained on him, like a leaky faucet
For being "too dark"
Ugly and black
It was ingrained in his head
To him, those were just facts
Insults were thrown, but they fazed him not
How could they
When his self-esteem was already shot
He loathed his color, he loathed his image
He wanted nothing more than to diminish
His chocolate-colored skin
How cruel were they
To say such things
How childish, how obscure
It was only a color
How shamefully immature
Even his inner conscience
Turned against him
Ugly, ugly, too black, and ugly
Was all he heard
And when he looked in the mirror
His reflection was always. always blurred

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This Poems Story

My name, as you may know, is Beersheva Hodge. I'm sixteen years old and a frequent writer of poetry. I wrote this poem, "The Cause of Self-Hatred," as a message to bullies. The poem explains how a victim of bullying may actually feel. Although most victims laugh along and pretend like they don't care, they're hurting inside. As the ending suggests, when he looks in the mirror-he cries. Bullying leads to the victim's self-hatred. That's the message I'm trying to convey.