Ages are Decreasing, Graves are Increasing
We are entrapped in a movable cell
It is a new dawn but has become a new set trap
The movable cell seems more powerful than the movable being
Our lives have been pirated but we pretend it's a lifeboat

I have been a victim of the cell, engrossed in its activities
Only a few escape the damaging effect of the cell for they remember they built it not the reverse
We become invisible, yet we are physical beings
Jeopardizing the beautiful relationships nature has given us.
We become enemies of our own, that the blood of innocent souls cries on our hands

Ages are Decreasing, Graves are Increasing
The invisible creatures drain the life out of our time, leaving us lifeless and hopeless in our cell
Sleeping on the air, swimming in the sand and frying chicken in the fridge are unending attributes that echo through the cell
Hmmmm! Life is best lived with the cell phone but not as mini gods with ravaging effects
We must be protective and save lives not screen protectors of our cell phones.
Thank you.

Written by: Matthew D. Ahafianyo

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