The Cerebral Mind (Part 1)

I can process everything the eyes see.
Whatever you learn becomes apart of me
and soaked into my anatomy.
Everything that happens in your life
gets wrapped up and placed into my memory.

I have more frequencies than a radio.
My only limits are things that you don't know.
I'm not just a ball of flesh you see,
just a muscle that needs to grow.

I'm more compacted than a stadium,
and compressed like helium.
You'll be amazed how much information i can move,
when you look inside my cranium.

Remember any type of healthy food on your plate.
Is like a charge for my cerebral gates.
My cells begin to accumulate,
and then they start to congregate.

The pulse reacts and fluctuates,
and it's at the moment when you can really concentrate.
When thinking. Don't worry about the wait,
or the slight increase in headaches.

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