The Cerebral Mind (Part 2)

Fighting pain really isn't my job,
that's something your body has to regulate.
I only warn you about cuts and scrapes,
or even about the bones you break.

I'll tell you to eat when you stomach quakes,
or to remind you of the last meal you ate.
Down to the arthritis, the muscle spasms and the aches.
I do my best to tell you about any breach
in your fleshy gates.

I know of all the foods you hate,
and when you need to rest or rejuvenate.
I warn you when to not do something stupid,
remember I'm the one that keeps you safe.

You seem like you start forgetting that,
when you decide you wanna take a drink.
Then you regret it when your face is down in the toilet,
or even when your head is stuck in the sink.

I'm not always the one to blame you know,
when you can't remember anything.
Then the time came one winter, or it was probably during spring.
You were with some so-called friends of yours,
gave you some white substance of something.

It was at that moment when our
curiosity started to sing.
Then you injected that stuff, and it felt
as if I slowly started pausing.

You forgot about me behind the skull,
not to mention all the damage you were causing.
Time went on, before you started recognizing.

That the cravings never decreased,
but instead they started amplifying.
The more of those drugs you take.
The more you sealed your fate,
and the results will be horrifying.

The pain you'll have to endure to get off it,
will far from satisfying.
It's gonna be entirely to late,
when you finally start realizing.

But now the damage has been done.
The drugs have finally won.
This message becomes clearer,
as you keep staring in the mirror.
Because the killing process has already begun.
I've got nothing to say,
You've chosen the slow way.
Would've been faster to kill me with a gun.

This is a lesson we didn't have to learn.
To late, can't save us now my friend.
You've passed the point of no return.

Now we'll be put in a casket case,
and this'll be our final resting place.
I'll say farewell my friend, as we wait
for the worms to feed and taste..

My Body, Your Mind..
What a Terrible thing to Waste..!!!

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