The Certainty in the Uncertain

When you left you took almost everything,
the key word in that being almost.
You almost left completely
You almost broke my heart
You almost got away with it
You almost made a perfect run away
But you left behind memories of who you were
and reminisce about what we were.
Memories of you hopes and dreams
Memories of those kisses
Memories of what could have been
Memories that won't escape my mind.
You left behind me,
you left the last living piece of us, me.
Half torn to call you
Half angry enough to burn the photos
Half still in love
Half ready to open the new chapter.
You left behind the unfinished story,
of what we could have been
We could have seen the world together
We could have grown old together
We could have fought harder for a happy ending
We could have made it work
I only know one certainty in life and that is
You left and I stayed.

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