The Chained, Bound, Restrained

She was chained, bound, restrained
Trapped by the very ones who had created her
She often looked out the window with yearning eyes
She often looked down with headphones
To block out the sight of her prison
Oh to be an adult
What does it mean?
Yet she could only wonder
For she was not allowed to grow up
She was expected to be grown up
Chained. Bound. Restrained.
So she turned from her dreams and let them turn to dust
She turned to their expectations and strived to fulfill them
Because she still loved them
And they still loved her
Until the day her heart rotted away without ever seeing the sun
And Chained, Bound, Restrained,
With the hopeless meekness that only the loved could have
With the tears that only the wishful could have
With the passionless passion that only the imprisoned could have
She turned into dust without ever seeing a world outside her cage

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