The Chamber Maid

A weapon filled with one single clip...
And the bullets my own personal manipulation
Hollow rounds filled with the things that eat man
Woman and child alive
Yes alive in one sitting
This concoction I call "misreading"
And it's sprinkled with the appropriate adjectives
And adverbs to run into conjunctions
And form something close to the end of a sentence
But not quite finished...
So perhaps not the end of it but a brief pause
As if to ponder the thoughts in front of me
The thoughts I think right before I pull this...
Metaphorical trigger, this blanks spilling
Onto the pavement like large rain drops
Hitting the yellow rain coat of the little girl
Skipping through mud puddles
Yes they're spraying about like the splash of...
That black Honda Accord dipping into the pothole
But here I am like the invisible man in the wheelchair
Watching children play ball off 48th and Clark
I am in this world trying to sneak a bit of happiness
Before I digest the cold ground with a closed casket
I am right here with my 9 mil of unrated word vomit
You knew of course I only had one bullet in the chamber

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