The Change

I feel tired, weak, hopeless and frustrated; who should I go to?
My burdens are heavy, my mind is a fuse getting ready to blow.
I am torn, I am broken; I am bruised, I am bleeding.
This journey feels long, I am thirsty and hungry.
Who can give me to drink and eat?
Take away this drought and famine that rids me of joy.
And what is love, have I met it, who does possess it.
Where can I find it?
I have heard beautiful things of love.
I have seek it. But still I am empty, and lonely.
Where must I go, to whom must I enquirer to be free, tell me?

With little strength I journeyed on.
Then like the sun that burst through a cloudy day;
love found me.
He pulled me up just at the edge of the cliff.
He reached His arms out for me.
My heart felt alive, I felt peace engulfing me;
I closed my eyes and my mind was free;
all my burdens He took them from me,
you are the love that brings fulfillment.
My life is full of possibilities.
Others will know, yes, they will know;
I am not the person I used to be.

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