The Chase

It leaps and it bounds as it cuts through the wind,
It swings and it swirls as it finds its way in.
I watch as he runs and I can’t help but smile,
And I follow behind as he spins for a while.
I fear for the time cause you’re running in place,
And waiting for me isn’t part of the chase,
So I’ll wait for you here to run on, up ahead
And when I catch up, you’ll be heels over head.
But that was my goal for the end, all this time,
That I would be yours and your heart would be mine,
But in the end, my heart moves away,
Cause staying with you isn't part of the chase,
You beg and you plead as we lay on the ground,
My eyes fill with tears, but I promise no sound.
I sit there and think, "that didn't take long",
So I leap to my feet, next second I'm gone,
And as I'm spinning, I see a new face,
So long and farewell, here comes the chase.

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