The Chasms Bane

It starts as a look, a brief silence
Once so close minds touched difference, difference, difference.
Pride prevents, prevents a smile
The easiest of facial expressions has the chance to resolve
To accept . . . the precious moment passes . . . silence starts the rift
Starts as a ripple in a pond where two ideas slowly drift apart
Still close enough for hands to touch but they don't
The second moment passes . . . sadness to betrayal
Betrayal to self-righteousness
The eyes now turn away . . . Away to validation . . . To a side
Each exclaims truth to yes men of fickle passion
The rift turns into a chasm
Filled with all that was not said . . . High tides carry away reason
Carry away brotherhood . . . Carry away love . . . The sides blame
They hate . . . They plot . . . Resentment . . . Fault . . . Anger fills the chasm
The silent brooding anger fueled by the yes men . . . The isolationists
Now an ocean . . . Vast and turbulent . . . Blame . . . Revenge
Once a brother in humanity . . . Now a stranger . . . An enemy
Sides engage in the recklessness of hatred . . . The sun cries blood
The chasm is filled with the infliction of death.
Ideas become doctrine, doctrine becomes will, and we all die together
Gasping for last breath the ideas float in the ocean of blood
Until by fateful chance they meet . . . The silence is broken
My brother what have we done? Their minds touch
Their eyes pierce the soul
They join hands . . . They die together . . . As enemies

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This Poems Story

"Find joy and humor in everything you do. Small stones may start an avalanche but fortunately we are lovers. And lovers are fools, but only fools can make it last."