The Chian

The chain
The chain lays there in the dirt. Collecting dust and mites, though it does shine. Look even better if polished, even worn. How long has it been since you were used? Not enough though obviously. Do you miss being shown off at parties? Or given to a lover? What were you used for? Maybe even a present for the mistress. She would never know the difference though.
It builds upon eating you away. Takes away the beautiful sparkle that you showed. If only if they didn't leave you in the shower to rot to hell and back. Look as if you should have been on the side of the road instead of a castle. Just a little bit of baking soda with hot water can make you all shiny, just that easy right or Coca-Cola. But here is where you will rust away. Lye there by yourself wondering why no one would use you, not even a glance they would give.
Feeling isolated where no one can hold you, making you feel safe. The warmth you felt lasted not so long. All you have is people who walk by with pity. But you don’t need that in your life so you wait for a better day to come. Sun blinds you in the morning well the moonlight keeps you up all night. The peace you felt was alone being neglected. No drama happens by yourself. No tears are spilled. No one leaves you for someone else. The only friend you have is silence and time. Maybe it’s not bad being alone all rusty with old stain tears.

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