The Child of Chaos

“Oh Chaos” I sighed.
“Why take away what Order has given, for you are only siblings.
Born from Desire yet raised by Creation.”

“Well,” Chaos remarked
“Take these desolate buildings.
They’re a mere necessity, wandering souls yearning for meaning.”
He plunged his hands into the cement
Desperately grasping the bricks of Sustenance,
Each gray piece drifting into the ocean of Time that lays underneath
And out bled a dazzling crimson
That shined with all the trust and strength the Universe could give.

Yet came Suffering, who slurped the blood of Sustenance.
The wretched one who made even Chaos wince.
The despicable one who fought those little mortals.
Yet could not defeat them.

I gasped as those little mortals grew taller than the building itself.
Swinging those burnished swords with all the desperation of the Universe
And as the mortals dipped the flesh of Suffering into Time’s Ocean,
They fabricated a home even larger than the one before.

“I destroy the gifts of my brethren to birth my own lovely child.

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