The Children of Generation X

By Da Poet   

The Children of Generation X
The right to live, but so many wish to die.
This generation X has no clue why?
No discipline, no respect, no desire to live,
a lost paradise, a lost generation unyielding to give.

I pray to return to those golden days, the old ways,
when children listened to what their parents had to say.
And if they didn't it wouldn't be odd,
they didn't spoil the child and spare the rod.

It's a treasure to be born,
and a blessing to die,
all rights establish by GOD,
and that's the reason why?

Children have gone astray,
they've lost their way,
due to the world's inclusion.

Parents don't impart knowledge,
frighten to lift a hand,
the devil's playground at large,
all because of the governman.

Our future looks bleak,
children's pants below their behind,
there are no rights for children,
are you out of your mind?

That's the problem now,
children get to much respect,
their parents are the children,
and this we will learn to regret.


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