The chorona days

The tiny virus is laughing-
-like an Emperor captured all kingdoms,
on the earth,
the real slap against the homosapiens pride,
Now all the countries learned,
How to minimise the transportation.
but in the crucial time of environment pollution,
they were not ready to take action,
Like an avatar to protect the nature,
Chorona virus came to the earth,
No one obeys the rule in the past,
to protect the nature.
Now there is less pollution in the forest,
parks and beach are tidy,
There is a reduction of plastic wastes,
when everyone starts working at home.
Universe is teaching us,
no need to move fast.
The need for meditation ,and yoga,
healthy food and immunity,
seems to be the most wisest choice.
Ladies having workaholic husbands,
are happy in their hearts,
Apart from the money,
there is something which cannot buy,
The need for compassion and spirituality,
peaceful and harmony,
sharing and cutting the luxury,
that may help us a lot,
Can we return to our farmlands?
its useful to start our cultivation,
we can hope and pray together,
we are expecting the saviour of our earth,
we are dreaming a new world.
oh yogis living in the himalayan forest,
please do some miracles,
we all learned a lesson.

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chorona is protecting the nature