The Clearing ( part 2 )

He might've been checkin' out Jefferson's herd.
A rustler! I knew it! They don't say a word
... to nobody.
He might have a stash.
A box full of cash!
Or gold from that train robbed last fall.
He paid cash for his land.
A gambler! He's planned
to ride into town and play tall.

They couldn't stand guessin'
why the stranger was messin'
'round Oak Hill at night
so Jack said,
While he's still in town
we'll all ride on down
to Rock Crossin' and see.
And Jack led.

They followed the trail up over Oak Hill,
then picked up a path through tall grass.
They all stopped in their tracks
with Oak Hill to their backs.
They'd gotten their answer at last.

On the ground was a saddle and tack.
An old horseshoe hung on a rough oak-branch cross
with a hand-carved oak board that read " BLACK ".

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