The Cleveland Cavaliers

Finally won a championship, it has been oh so long,
All the, well. . . there is next year chants are gone.
As iPlayA releases the championship song.
Started with Detroit and Atlanta's trash can,
Meaning we had to engage with a broom and dust pan.
And still shake hands on the opposing fans.
Cheering on the Indians, rooting for the Browns
First place Indians, great start 'dawg' pound.
Lost in playoffs, Browns make you down.
Cleveland turned into a basketball city, check every court.
Actually next, hockey would be our second sport.
Too bad their parade got cut short.
Big shout outs to the Cavs,
The Cavaliers gave it everything they had.
Leaving all the failures in the past.
Each year our city was full of thirst.
Thanking the King and crew, the curse is reversed.
Old memories in a hearse.
Who would have known we made it this far.
Pop the champagne, LeBron light the cigar,
Uh, nevermind, we have our daughters in the car.
Continue to work hard, strive for greatness.
The world is yours, it is hollow and weightless.
We are the champions, we cannot fake this.

Poem "The Cleveland Cavaliers" by Steven D. Jackson

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