The Cloud Of Sorrow

She remember when the world broke in

To rip her soul apart,

For years after that one event,

She thought herself as not her own,

Her hours were spent trying,

To fix it up with sunshine and rainbows,

Then she realized,

Everyone else was raining too,

Here was the moisture,

Hovering below the sunlight,

So fragile and so windy,

That she began to understand,

That maybe she had been greedy,

To want her the sunlight all to herself,

When it could have been a lot more helpful,

In the land of someone else.

Now every time she goes somewhere,

She leaves that part of her behind,

And she collects all the moisture ,

For other needy souls she can find.

So when she is meeting someone new,

Its not just her they get,

But also tiny raindrops,

Of all the other she has met,

And now her life has become bigger,

Now that its helpful to things so small,

And if that what 'raining' means,


-Ananya Gupta

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