The Codes of Bullying

Being a teen in this society is deliberately hard.
The things people say leave some broken and scarred.
I don't know what the buzz is about making fun of others.
All we want to do is be like sisters or brothers.

It happens all around, never ends nor stops.
Why is it that being mean instead of nice always tops?
We can't keep our opinions to ourselves, of this I am guilty.
But I never did it to make someone feel bad or wilting.

Why can't we compliment, say something nice?
Our hearts must be stone cold, or made of thick ice.
I don't like the way others and myself are being treated,
But when something happens, my mouth seems to be pleated.

Do you know that every harsh word hurts like a knife,
Plunging deep into our souls, now tell me is that a good life?
Be careful of what you say and who you say it to.
One day the tables will turn and the victim may be you.

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