The Coffin

These days I am held captive,
By the choices I have made in the past.
In choosing, I lost my freedom.
Now, I have nothing to call my own.

I remember the day, but not when,
I built myself a padded shelter.
I only intended to construct a haven to rest in,
Locked out from the rest of the world,
Just to feel secure for a moment.

However, I woke up slowly, dazed.
I am unsure how much time had passed.
The lock to the door would not open,
No matter how I tried.
I cried out to the outside world,
But they replied the door was left open all along.
Being in here so long, I lost my eyes.
I pleaded them to guide me to the door but,
Eventually I lost my ears, too.
My small shelter then became infinitely dark.
When I lost my words, I surrendered.
Now, I fear my memories of outside are fading as well.
I can only wonder if the dust of my body,
Will be heavy.

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