The cold world

The cold world
The firmament is colored a dull grey,
The Stygian ravens sing their melancholy song,
The stale stench of dew fills the air,
And life goes on all along.
The great grey clouds , high up in the sky,
Cover everything above , tarnish everything
I long for sunny days and sunny afternoons,
Things of the past , a long time ago.
The wind, no longer a friend , but a cold foe,
Like daggers and knives, it stabs the human skin,
An unkind cut indeed.
And alleviates the pain within.
The pitter -patter of rain,
Overwhelms all worldly noise.
The roar of thunder,the flash of lightning,
Announce an incoming danger,
And are just decoys.
Darkness prevails, abounds and conquers,
And desolation and despair choke every living thing.
And everything seems like a hellish nightmare,
There is no point in such living.

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