The Color Black

Black is all I can remember
Everything around me so dark and cold
My mind was empty
Like playing cards and I had to fold

The more I heard yelling
The deeper the knife fell
Screaming and shouting what have I done
The more it was like living in hell

Deeper and deeper it went
As the blood began to flow
My heart has still yet to heal
But I am working on it as I go

Scars left behind
Like tattoos that you can’t erase
My story is so real
Telling it brings tears to my face

The black hole that surrounded me
Swallowed me like a bug
There was no way of getting out
Not even the help of a hug

Black is all I seen
Heartache was all around me
Locked myself behind those doors
Just so that I can hurt more and more of me

Wearing these scars around
Like trophies I have won
I pushed myself to the edge of this cliff
To which the battle I have won

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