The Color Is (Grey) Gray

By Da Poet   

Color me gray. Then ask yourself what color do you see?
If you say gray, then perhaps, you don’t see me?
For there are many shades of gray, but their all one in the same,
just color me human, if you must know my name.

We all tend to believe we’re different in so many ways,
a distinction made from choices I guess you could say?
However, when placed in this melting pot it’s very clear to see,
these differences have little meaning, when we all have the same needs?

Distracted by the obvious, ignorance blinds us with the rest,
it’s know wonder we have so many problems, and this I must confess.
If it’s left up to us to get this thing right, we’ll do nothing, but make a
mess of it, cause all we do is fight.

So I’ll leave you with this question, how do we tackle this problem now?
Over land and seas, from shore to shore, from America, and all countries
even Moscow?


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