The Color of My Love

Roy G. Biv,
The name we all learned growing up,
Yet even those colors can't explain
The way your eyes dazzle in the light
Or the color of your hair.
The color of my love is nowhere on that spectrum,
It is so strong.
Everytime I look at you,
You're more beautiful,
More beautiful than all the colors of the rainbow--
I see red when those men look at you,
Orange with the evening sun against your hair,
Yellow when you kiss me under the florescent lights overhead,
Green when you put those little flowers in your hair,
Blue when I stare into your eyes and see the reflecting clear skies,
Indigo when you wear your favorite dress,
Violet when you where that lipstick you know I like--
Yet still,
Even with all these words,
I can't describe
The color of my love for you.

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