The color of my skin

Judging me on the information
You do not know,
Basing the color of my skin

On my personality
And my heart.

Not taking the time
To get to know me,
Instead, you rather judge me
too quickly,

Saying because they are
Black so there all thugs
White so there all racist
Mexican so there all illegal
Muslim so there all terrorist

This is how I should be,
Because people put labels on each other
To put each other down
That I have to do things a certain way

Too bad, that isn't me.
The color of my skin is not

The content of my character,
Being black
Being White
Being Mexican
Being Muslim

Does not decide my heart,
Does not make up my mind,
Does not determine who I am inside

To know me
You have to learn me,
For my skin is apart of me
But it is not everything
Of who I am

Do not be surprised
When you see
That I don't let the color of my skin
let anyone Determine who I am,
I decide who I want to be.

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This Poems Story

This a poem about racism and how people judge each other based on their skin color. And how not to let anyone discriminate them.