The Color Orange On Green and Below Red

To the filtered red from the morning Sun
On thoughts of the red light of the 4th Planet in the Night
To dream and too big is but a game that unfortunate lays bid
But a gamble is not fun for most of us kids

To lay in a shimmer just gets dimmer and dimmer
But sometimes a matchstrike finds unknowns yet again
Phosphorus in the I
Brings most Deimos and Phobos and a mixed bag in the mind glaze and plasticity of hope for surprise

Clover Luck
A Battle of Centaur Startruck

proxima alpha further time red c
and the ram and curiosity tree
a and then b and then oceans sounds and seas

vibrations and psi
an octopus and Poseidon
where the trident lies

Victory met a man of no contest
a game of dilation
time estranged pupils to find a new nation

some weird game of bones
as a soothing sorrow of woes

when bargaining grievances and shopping for shows
additive sculpture lives and works on ground and grows upward towards gravity’s press of knees onto toes

all dependencies of delicacies dependent on light must grow from soil through chlorophyll’s resonant clouds of unknowns

a word of advice to those that step up, certain bags are carried along many forks in the road
vision’s twinkling nativity brings perception na(?)ivity in the angstrom of fresh water shallows and the deeper dream of Nereid’s saline ocean team

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This Poems Story

Prose of sounds heard by 2 contemporaries from a surprising and suspicious paiR from the past. After an intensive investigation a steal of meal-craft only an Italian MasterActor(-Italian)/merchant tuned up as looking something scrumptious and master-full. A novel game of Show of Life to shed light on the beauty of land and seas coupling hopeful to diversification with helices; globules, waves and roots limbs, spines and feathering swoops weather system wisps transatlantic swung to America in hoops. +M+A+K+H Net “HA@Go —>...US... Good Days and Good Nights (oN towards onward from War now splashed in psi, functioning strong with our tridents (a little something [specials-only] as certain special meals are flipped by being served/only-easy)