The Color Red

I am full of words that I've never said
This world will pick you up and then slam you on your head
And tonight is as good as any to slip and wind up dead
There's no answers to my questions, not in all the books I've read
You hate the sight of blood but your favorite color's red

And It's all such a shame
But there's no one here to blame
Bc life, unfortunately, is not a fucking game
Gotta keep pushing forward
Despite your exhaustion and your pain

Don't you worry son
Bc soon your day will come
And no matter how fast or far you run
You won't escape the damage you have done
When the darkness overcomes you, just keep staring towards the sun

And if there's a life after all of this
I'm quite certain my name is not on St. Peter's list
But my soul will indelibly persist, at least until I finally find my one true bliss
Maybe through the warmth of a true love's kiss only then will I be missed.

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