The Colors Of Sunlight

Your friends called me blue.
You said I test myself, stomped away what I knew.
And I know it’s deranged
The pink limit of the sky was exchanged
For a while now, if the lights lie at the end
It’s just the sun in your eyes.
And you know we’re beautiful
In this happenstance
By some young exquisite, hands
By romance, in these united lands.
It’s in the thin of our shell,
The strike of our sword,
The slap of our bow,
The thick of our fists.
But don’t their shouts evoke our battles?

Your friends called me green.
You said I anticipate, I don’t walk in between.
And I know I’m always behind the group
But don’t I act like a trooper?
I see us near the front door,
The purple ceiling spilling onto the vinyl exterior,
And my footprints lost in the sunlight.
But all of these magnets, all of these friends,
Couldn’t put me together again.
It’s embedded in the cracks of my bones,
The strands of my hair,
The tangle of my mind,
The charcoal of my eyelashes.
Am I pushing myself too hard?

Your friends called me black.
You said I sidestepped that one, swept back straight into the wild ocean.
And I know the salt scrapes my gashes,
But nobody heard my splashes.
We walked the city line, up until I got home
Bleached in sunlight, my veiled vision swamped in foam.
The black dome outstripped our season with its shiny knives and slick paint
And our eyes shattered with the sidewalk chalk under the overshadow.

It’s fixed in the sunset, the saccharine strawberry sugar,
The pink limit of the sky,
The spilled purple ceiling,
The outstripped black dome,
But we must not let these colors become overthrown.
We are not complete yet.
But who are these opponents that we need to vanquish and forget?

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